Organic Practical Play-wear for Children

I opened this shop after making and selling clothes for children for a while and just totally falling in love with organic cotton for ecological reasons (and that it's just so lovely and soft to work with).

Being a parent myself, to my little man Ted, I know that clothing needs to be practical for running, jumping, rolling, climbing, hiding and generally being a mischief in, but they might as well look incredibly COOL too! So 'Ted Wears Organic' was born from my toddler needing to have practical clothes to play in that scream style in fabric that's gorgeously soft and unique.

I love simple but understated designs for kid's play-wear with a dash of Scandi inspiration and this is where the Pick 'n' Mix Wardrobe principle comes in. You can see which garments can be combined with others and with the specially selected fabrics, the co-ordinates and options can be made to what you want them to be!

If you're stuck at all on fabric or garment combinations, just let me know and I'd be happy to chat through ideas and send photos of your options... fabric chat is never a chore for me!